Saturday, July 10, 2010

twenty-three. fuck.

when i heard, i thought,

"fuck. i never got to say good-bye.."

but then i realized

fuck. why would i?

who ever says good-bye like it's the last time? who ever sees the sky like they'll never see it again? who thinks that dinner with a friend will be.. fuck. nobody does. and why would you? that's so painful.

i have a project for you, co-members of the universe. contact someone you care about, who means something to you, someone with whom you haven't spoken or been very close in a while. contact a bunch of people. tell them how you feel. i'm not saying that you should live in fear that all your friends will be taken from you. i'm just letting you know that you would rather let them know before one of them is.

...i'm sorry.