Monday, May 24, 2010

twenty-one. let me let you and let us be.

let's discuss the meaning of magic.
let's not let this ending be tragic.
let's discuss our favourite colour.
let's poke a little fun at each other.

let's stay up too late, even though it is tough.
let's stay up too late, but not long enough.
let's run down the street, skip and hold hands.
let's stop on the corner and let's do a dance.

let's turn on the tube and talk about blue.
let's go out at night, meet the man on the moon.
let's fulfill promises made to ourselves.
let's go to the portal where teen spirit dwells.

let's watch a good movie, or make one instead.
let's popcorn a story 'til we go to bed.
let's make buttered toast just the way that we like.
let's argue about the true spelling of psych.

let's each think of ways to make someone smile.
let's put the whole world on pause for a while.
let's make a stranger's day, for a change.
let's give some free hugs, even though we look strange.

let's not be shy.
let's shout at the sky.
let'm hear us from mars.
let us swim with the stars.

let's sing a song.
let's show them who's wrong.
when we show them whos won, 
the cake should be done.

let's get out of bed.
let's examine your head.
let's stay in bed forever.
let's stop.. never.

let's make a wish.
let's go. i'm waiting, and so's the rest of the world :)