Monday, April 12, 2010

eighteen. thanks, shel.

the world is out there waiting for us. you and me, stranger. it's given us a place to meet, a path to walk, wonders to discover.

it loves us.

it was made for us.

it gives so much to us, and we give so little in return.

my great fear is that someday, somehow, i will stop appreciating all the beauty in the world around me. i do not want to become an old man before i realize what is really important, when all i have left is a stump to sit on. so i will yell at the sky that it is beautiful. i will sing at the top of my lungs and i will dance like i know everyone is watching, but i won't care anyway. i will wish you all a good morning now and forever :)

i'm not asking you to love everything. but it's not impossible. the world loves you. the least you could do is love yourself, too.

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