Monday, November 9, 2009

fifteen. just look at all those reasons.

dear you,
you were the first ever person to tell me a story when i asked for one, and i always have it with me. you make my day, and i feel like i used to make yours, too. you're not in my life enough. we used to talk much more often... i am too afraid to tell you how much i love you. i love you. i love you.

please don't stop talking to me.

dear you,
for years, all i knew about you was that you had a pretty ridiculously cute smile. then i REALLY met you, and you wouldn't stop making me smile. and sometimes, when i'm around you, sometimes i'm reduced to tears, but they're the most wonderful tears i've ever shed. i stared into its eyes, but it was yours i was thinking of.

don't stop being wonderful.

dear you,
it was the day we met. you asked me question after question and i answered as best i could. after one particular answer, you stopped.. and you smiled. i was confused as to what made you smile, but i looked into your eyes and i could not bring myself to ask why you were smiling for fear you would stop.

don't stop smiling.

dear you,
you amaze me. i continue to treat you like a regular kitchen appliance, and no matter how mean i get, you always manage to forgive me and shower me with love. i don't know how you do it; i am a pretty impossible person to tolerate.

don't stop making good toast.

dear you,
the archetypal best friends are a green hooded frenchman and a common farm animal. and you will be for the rest of my life.

don't stop defining friendship for me.

dear you,
a bunch of strangers at an ungodly hour in the middle of nowhere, and life never got me so high. i'll never forget that night. there was a certain energy about us that moves me still when i think about you. i don't have the words to describe any of it.

don't stop til the sun comes up.

dear you,
i haven't met you yet, but i would very much love to. i don't quite know what to say about you, other than i hope everything is well, because i care about you. more than you know.

don't stop whatever you do that will eventually lead you to me.

dear you,
i never could comprehend why you laughed harder than the rest of us. until you started making the rest of us laugh as hard as you do. shake my hand, and let's end it with a bang.

don't stop crying.

dear you,
a blur of red approached me in the hallway, excited and loud and wonderful. the encounter was only a few moments long, but it would spark a friendship that would last for longer than i can foresee. and i cherish it more than i could ever say or show.

don't stop, no matter how many times i tell you to.

dear you,
a lot of people call you an asshole, but you've never been anything but nice to me. you're pretty far now. i miss having you around. maybe when you come home, we can sing our horribly high-pitched and off-key rendition of journey songs one more time.

don't stop believin'.

dear you,
you once told me that it was really easy to talk to me. i once told you that i loved you. i still do.

don't stop until november.

dear you,
you are too hard on yourself.

STOP. please. i love you.


Anonymous said...

dear you,
don't stop writing.
it keeps myself and others

angela said...

you make me cry, porter.