Tuesday, October 27, 2009

thirteen. swing, swing, swing.

i had that dream again.

for some reason, i can't ever get it out of my head. it haunts me to the point of insanity. it's beginning to interfere with the way i live my life. it's ridiculous. and it's one of those dreams where part of me wants to think, "there's no way this could ever be real"... but my rationality tells me otherwise. i begin to picture the world, and i can't fathom any reason as to why it can't come true. and i start to worry.

it seems so completely irrational, but there i am, sitting, worrying about some dream i had. i have. worrying.. afraid..

what if it doesn't come true?

and then i think that if i can dream it, surely i can do it. and i can. so i will :]

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Anonymous said...

i need to see u again...its alex its bin to long...laughnlove92805@live.com