Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ten. it's funny how you find you enjoy your life when you're happy to be alive.

hahah, HI THERE.

i don't know who you are yet, and i don't know why i've waited so long to say hello. but we've both been here for quite some time, and it's about damn time i introduce myself. my name is christopher [michael] wade porter.... [III]. :D let me tell you a little bit about myself...

i want to know about YOU.

i want to knowwww your favourite food. i want to know what your smile looks like. i want to know your favourite colour. i want to know what makes you smile. i want to know your hopes. i want to know your dreams. i want to know your fears. i want to know how i can make you smile. i want to know what you think that cloud looks like. i want to know so much.

i DON'T want to know what we're going to do tomorrow. let's let that be a surprise. but the world is beautiful, the weather is beautiful, YOU'RE beautiful, and to be honest, even I feel beautiful. life. life is gorgeous. you'd be surprised how much more gorgeous everything is when you're happy with yourself.

give me a call. fuck it, give me a call at three in the morning. i'll come pick you up. we'll watch the sunrise. we'll tell some stories. we'll laugh [maybe a little too loudly]. we'll put the boom-boom into our hearts.

we'll make this something to remember. :]


SourPatchGirl said...

i'm taking you up on that offer, see you at three a.m.

hallo nikitty! said...

Man, Chris, I didn't know you were such a romantic. O.O;

Actually, that's a lie. You revealed that at my Halloween party 4 years ago, hahah.

But, really, that was truly inspiring!

alexandra arellano said...

oooh man i mamber ur lily corny ass...please cantact me idk were i m rightnow tryen to tell u this ahahaaha :b

angela said...

you still owe me that 4am dennys trip, porter :]