Friday, September 18, 2009

eleven. eleven. something to wish for.

i don't know what i want.

that seems to be a big problem with me. i've never known what i want, really. not in life. i like leaving things to chance. that way, i don't have to make up my mind. but how do you flip a coin at wishtime?

i don't know what to wish for.

part of me wants to wish for someone to hold. part of me wants to wish to be a better person. part of me wants to wish for you, and for everyone else. part of me just wants to know what i want.

i wish i knew what i wanted.

it'd be nice to know something, for once. to be sure of something. to go after it with conviction, and to be happy when i get it. that would be nice.

i wish i knew what to wish for.

i don't want to be so selfish. why should i wish for anything? let's take a look at what i have. forget what i want. what i want doesn't matter. what i wish for doesn't matter. i don't need to wish. i'm pretty happy :] you can have my wish, if you really want it.

i wish you a good morning :] have a hug. it's on me.

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