Friday, August 28, 2009

eight. there's a low moon caught in your tangle.

once upon a time, there was a little boy who loved the moon. he dreamed and dreamed that he would get to the moon someday, somehow, and he vowed not to rest until his dream became a reality.

one day, he and his best friend in the whole wide world worked very hard to build a canoe that would sail to the moon. the canoe was only big enough to seat our little dreamer boy, so in order to get to the moon, he would have to leave his best friend behind.

well, he looked into her eyes and saw that they were big and bright and shiny, just like the moon. he realized that he could not hug the moon, nor run nor play nor climb trees with the moon like he could hug and run and play with his best friend. so they destroyed the canoe, turned it into firewood, and made a big campfire.

and the moon smiled down on them

as they camped out

under a beautiful night sky :]


c said...

i am way too in love with this to even say, ready 1 2 3 heart is meltinggggg

Anonymous said...

you made my day, proto. thank you :]