Sunday, July 19, 2009

two. dear you, this is the world speaking...

you are beautiful.

now, what do i mean by that? what does your mind associate with those words? do you think of the person you saw in the mirror this morning? do you accept it, and feel good about yourself? do you think of models? good-looking friends? can you help but compare yourself to them?

", world. i am not beautiful".

someone thinks you're beautiful... wait. let's pause for a moment. the sun is rising over the pacific. do you see it? turn your back to it. let's move forward. as the light hits the land.. what do you see?

you realize, maybe... as the sun beams illuminate the other side of the hill... what a marvelous green that was after all.

you might see things in the landscape that you would like to change. but there can be no change here, not like this.


here are all the things you've lost. you are always welcome to sit and play with your lost toys, but be very careful. it's easy to stay forever, and then how will you ever see what's going on? i can not wait for you, there are many other children to be taken care of.

and here...

here's where you almost lost yourself. be careful walking here. a lot of children end up falling into holes they've dug for themselves before. don't be afraid, though. look at each hole. stare down into it. say, out loud, "you do not own me. you do not scare me. i am only stronger for climbing out of you. and i've come to fill you up again".

ahh. i'm proud of you :]

let's keep going. oh, here's that fork in the road you reached before. ever wonder what might have happened if you took the other route? wait, what are you doing? oh, it's closed off now, and no matter how long you stand there, staring down that path, no matter how much you think you can see or what you might wish is at the end of it, it's not there anymore. that's why the road's blocked, see? no point in standing there, wasting your time.

come on, let's go.

we're almost... ah, here we are. the atlantic ocean. and just in time, look at the sun rising. i hope you noticed something. i mean, i was talking a lot, and you were thinking a lot, so you could have easily missed it.. but we were never alone. there were always people there for you. whether or not you saw them, whether or not you wanted them there, whether or not they were right in front of your face, or quietly supporting you from behind... they were there. and here they are, still.

-sigh-, what a beautiful sunrise. time to turn around again. let's move forward. go ahead and grab your friends' hands. let them know you love them.

these people think you're beautiful.

and they're right.

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