Friday, July 17, 2009

one. i don't know what this is.

so i don't know much about anything. i definitely don't know much about the world. i don't know why i'm doing this. i don't know who might read this, or if anyone will read this at all. i don't know if we're friends, or if i like you. maybe i love you. maybe i can't live without you, and i'm too much of a chickenshit to admit it to you. maybe. always maybe. never certain. i don't know if i'll update this frequently. i don't know who you are, or even who i am. i don't understand the way i think, or why i don't understand. i don't know...

i want. but i never know what i want. i just know that i do. i think i want.. no, i don't know what i think. maybe i want someone to hold. maybe i want someone to talk to. maybe i want someone to understand. haha, maybe that someone can help me understand myself. maybe i want someone to adventure with me. maybe i want to take some risks. maybe i want to make some mistakes. maybe i want you. hell, maybe you want me, too.

this goes out to everyone. this goes out to no one.

let's make some fucking memories.

maybe good. maybe bad. i'm tired of lying around letting life pass me by. i can't look into the future. it's too dark. the lights behind me are too bright to look back. i'm stuck with now. might as well do something with it. that goes for you, too. come with me.

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