Friday, July 24, 2009

five. dear someone,

my name is christopher wade porter, and i would like to be your friend :]

connections are beautiful. just like you. living in a city with a population of close to ten million.. it's so easy to feel alone. it's so easy to become detatched. people aren't people anymore. a house is a house. cars are just annoying and in the way.

take a closer look. see that "baby-on-board" sign? that's a family car, and that baby is the light of someone's life. these drivers have lives, and stories. they have friends and families, pets, hopes, dreams, fears, problems.

you may pass houses and think nothing of them. but maybe someone is crying in one of those houses. if you knew, would you care?

there are people out there. they live lives, they have problems, friends, jobs, families. just like you. they think, they feel, they laugh and cry, they eat and drink. just like you have problems and friends and jobs and families. just like you think you're all alone. they get afraid and lonely and depressed.

so do you.

you love and you hope and you dream.

so do they.

and in the end, maybe all any of us want is someone to talk to. someone to adventure with. someone to get lost with. somone to laugh and to cry and to share secrets with. someone to call when you can't sleep. maybe we think we want someone to hold, someone to kiss, someone to tell us they love us. or maybe all we want is someone. just someone.

dear someone,
i've missed you. take my hand. let's see if we can make some new friends, maybe catch a sunset on the way. let's get lost. let's find someone new. let's lose ourselves, and find each other.

dearest someone,
i can't wait to meet you.

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